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Survey shows surprising levels of PPI awareness

If you don’t know when the PPI claims deadline is, you are definitely not alone. According to a recent 2018 survey which interviewed 2,047 people across the UK, 50% of respondents had no idea there was a PPI claims deadline and 4 in 5 adults could not correctly identify the date.

Considering that a large multimedia campaign to increase awareness about the PPI deadline was launched in August 2017, the lack of consumer knowledge about the issue is worrying. Commentators are currently suggesting the deadline should be extended until the banks repay the agreed total amount to consumers.

This matches the opinion of 47% respondents who also think that the deadline should be extended. The survey also showed a positive change in attitude towards claims management companies, with 74% believing that consumers should have access to professional help when submitting a claim.

In the light of these surprising results, Uclaim4me would like to remind you that the deadline to submit PPI claims is 29 August 2019. If you need help to guide you through the process, our team would be happy to help you. Simply call us on 0203 747 3247 or start your PPI check online here.