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Even if your PPI claim was rejected, you still might be owed compensation

As some finance-savvy consumers may know, even if your PPI policy was not mis-sold to you and your initial PPI claim was rejected, you still may be eligible for compensation under the “Plevin” ruling.

“Plevin” allows customers to claim back the commissions paid to the bank as part of their PPI payments. According to FCA guidance, if more than 50% of the PPI payments were bank commissions and customers were not made aware of that, customers can claim back payments above that threshold as well as the interest.

However, as the recent Doran vs Paragon Personal Finance case showed sometimes customers may even be able to get back the total amount of the commission plus interest.

In July 2018, a judge at the Manchester County Court ruled that Christopher and Joanne Doran should be awarded the whole sales commission they paid plus interest for the policy, all totalling up to £17,345. This makes them the first people to have all of their commission payments refunded for legitimately sold PPI.

This goes to show that even if your PPI claim was rejected, it may not be the end of the journey to getting back what’s rightfully yours. If you previously made a claim through UClaim4me and would like us to re-investigate it, please get in touch with our team on 0203 747 3245.