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Last Week’s Top Five PPI Payouts

Successfully reclaimed PPI

A quick visit to last week’s successful PPI payouts UClaim4Me have helped reclaim, show a massive £1,554,989.40 being awarded to our customers from a range of high street banks and lenders.


Top 5 payouts from 14th to 21st June

Ms K B from Kent awarded £38,990.39

Mr C R from Ayrshire awarded £26,289.86

Mr H P from London awarded £25,480.96

Mr I T from Cambridgeshire awarded £23,352.44

Mr N H from Dorchester awarded £20,924.86


Our dedicated team made it easier for families and individuals to get back money they were entitled to, after struggling to find the right solution. With our professional step by step service they knew exactly how their claim will be processed and how we will represent them with the lender.

Our friendly customer service team are here to answer your queries, or simply log in to the Client Hub to follow the progress of the PPI claim.