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Even if your PPI claim was rejected, you still might be owed compensation

As some finance-savvy consumers may know, even if your PPI policy was not mis-sold to you and your initial PPI claim was rejected, you still may be eligible for compensation under the “Plevin” ruling. “Plevin” allows customers to claim back the commissions paid to the bank as part of their PPI payments. According to FCA […]

Have you been “PLEVINED?”

“Plevined” is coined from the Plevin vs. Paragon Personal Finance legal case, where the Supreme Court ruled that Mrs Plevin was not informed about the amount of secret commission (71.8%) paid to Paragon Personal Finance by the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) provider and that was unfair.  Because of that ruling Mrs Plevin was entitled to […]

Only 2 years left to claim back what’s yours – do it now!

This Tuesday, 29 August 2017, marked two years before the official PPI claims deadline set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The last day for submitting mis-sold payment protection insurance claims is 29 August 2019, making it important to start your check as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already. Think that this […]