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What is a Plevin PPI claim?

If you had PPI then chances are, what you paid was mostly made up of hefty and unfair levels of commission. A recent Court ruling, commonly referred to as Plevin could mean that you may still be due compensation.

In 2014, a court ruling deemed Ms Susan Plevin was treated unfairly as she wasn’t told about the 71.8% commission taken from her PPI payment. Under the Plevin rule, if a consumer’s PPI’s payments went as commission and this was not explained to them at the time, they could claim back payments, plus interest.

You could still be owed a refund!

We have partnered with Claims Advisory Services to investigate claims on behalf of customers. With their help help we can carry out a FREE confidential check on your behalf on existing and old PPI Claims.

Can I make a Plevin claim?

It doesn’t matter if you missed the PPI deadline, if you have previously made a PPI claim and have been successful, and it also doesn't matter if your PPI claim was rejected as not mis-sold. Your rights are unaffected.

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