About Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

We are sorry but we are no longer accepting claims for new customers.

However, we are continuing to assist our existing customers to claim back the PPI payments that were mis-sold to them as well as any tax that was deducted on their PPI refunds.

Have you been “PLEVINED?”

“Plevined” is coined from the Plevin vs. Paragon Personal Finance legal case, where the Supreme Court ruled that Mrs Plevin was not informed about the amount of secret commission (71.8%) paid to Paragon Personal Finance by the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) provider and that was unfair. Because of that ruling Mrs Plevin was entitled to some of the PPI payments that she made to Paragon, plus 8% interest per year.

The ruling has now paved the way for more people to also claim back unfair commissions paid to their lenders, even if a previous PPI claim was rejected by the lender or The Financial Ombudsman Service.

Have you previously made a claim but it was rejected by your lender as not mis-sold?

If you made a claim for mis-sold PPI and the lender rejected it as not mis-sold, it’s possible for you to continue to pursue a claim. We have partnered with Claims Advisory Services to investigate claims on behalf of our customers.We have written to all our affected customers to inform them that they can still pursue their claims.

These claims are possible if the lender did not disclose the amount of commission that they were paid by the PPI policy providers. If your lender did not disclose the amount of commission to you, then that created an ‘un-fair’ relationship and you have a legal right to make a claim.